Spring 2019 Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are Mondays in room 166 Cox at 12:20pm

Jan 14

Causes and Consequences of Extreme Mitochondrial Mutation Rates

Daniel Sloan, Colorado State University
Host: Wikramanayake

Jan 16

Bruno Buzatto, Macquarie University
Host: Wikramanayake

Jan 23

Testing the Limits: The Ecology of Elevational Ranges in Neotropical Birds
Jill Jankowski, University of British Columbia
Host: Wikramanayake

Jan 28

Bacteriophages: Double-edged Swords in a Coral Reef Ecology
Cynthia Silveira, San Diego State University
Host: Wikramanayake

Jan 30

Big Data at the Interface of Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
Dan Warren, Senckenberg Institute for Biodiversity and Climate
Host: Wikramanayake

Feb 4

Defaunation in the Anthropocene
Mauro Galetti, Universidade Estadual Paulista
Host: Wikramanayake

Feb 18

Mechanisms of Host Colonization and Manipulation by Wolbachia Endosymbionts
Laura Serbus, Florida International University
Host: Wilson

Feb 25

#Whatkillstress: Drought Survival Strategies of Woody Plants
Louis Santiago, University of California – Riverside
Host: Bravo

Mar 4

A Chorus of Clocks: Circadian and Seasonal Control of Bird Song
Vincent Cassone, University of Kentucky
Host: Gaines

Mar 18

Molecular Mechanisms of Spinal Cord Regeneration: Lessons from Salamanders
Karen Echeverri, Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory
Host: Rieger

Mar 25

Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree: Ecology and Adaptive Radiation of Anoles
Jonathan Losos, Washington University
Host: C. Searcy

Apr 1

Does How We Teach Matter? The Evidence Behind Evidence-based Teaching
Sarah Eddy, Florida International University
Host: Indoft

Apr 8

Plant Population Dynamics in Stochastic Environments
Tom Miller, Rice University
Host: Afkhami & C. Searcy

Apr 15

Modeling Nosocomial Infections by Differential Equations
Xi Huo, University of Miami
Host: Wikramanayake

Apr 22

Evolution in the Dark: Biodiversity, Phylogeny and Adaptations of Crustaceans in the Deep Sea
Heather Bracken-Grissom, Florida International University
Host: Feeley