Spring 2020 Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are Mondays in room 166 Cox at 12:20pm

Jan 13

Understanding novelty, one cell at a time

Leslie Babonis, University of Florida – Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience

Host: Wikramanayake

Jan 22

Making heads or tails of tapeworms: region-specific regulation of stem cell-driven regeneration in Hymenolepis diminuta

Tania Rozario, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Host: Wikramanayake

Jan 27

Autophagic degradation of macromolecular complexes: from plant biology to human disease

Richard S. Marshall, Washington University

Host: Wikramanayake

Jan 29

Environmental regulation of plant perception and engagement with microorganism

Feng Feng, University of Cambridge

Host: Wikramanayake

Feb 3

Learning and memory: an ancient origin and species-specific elaborations

Gabriella Wolff, University of Washington

Host: Lu

Feb 5

Development of sensory control of movement in zebrafish

David Ehrlich, New York University - School of Medicine

Host: Lu

Feb 17

Plant control over arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis

Lena Mueller, Cornell University – Boyce Thompson Institute

Host: Wikramanayake

Feb 20

Eco-evolutionary dynamics in Galapagos

Andrew Hendry, McGill University

Host: Van Dyken

Feb 24

Eco-evolutionary dynamics with stickleback

Andrew Hendry, McGill University

Host: Van Dyken
Mar 2

A butterlfy's tale: a lot more than just a pair of pretty wings

Riccardo Papa, University of Puerto Rico

Host: Wikramanayake

Mar 23

Examining the role of albinism in the evolution of the cavefish A. mexicanus

Johanna Kowalko, Florida Atlantic University

Host: Dallman