Spring 2014 Seminar Schedule

January 23

From Molecular Interaction Networks In Microbes To Macroscopic Biodiversity
Peter Uetz, Virginia Commonwealth University
Host: Wilson

January 27

Sex-Chromosome Evolution: New Insights From Non-Model Species
Beatriz Vicoso, University of California-Berkeley
Host: Wilson

January 29

Sex Chromosome Evolution in Birds and Drosophila
Qi Zhou, University of California-Berkeley
Host: Wilson

February 3

Eco-Evolutionary Feedback of Cooperation, Competition, and Adaptive Radiation: Theory and Experiments in Yeast
J. David Van Dyken, Harvard University
Host: Wilson

February 5

Context-dependent Patterns of Mutation and the Evolution of Mutation Rate
Way Sung, Indiana University
Host: Wilson

February 10

How to connect? Axon guidance and degeneration for wiring neuronal circuits
Fabienne Poulain, University of Utah
Host: Lemmon/Dallman

February 12

Mechanisms Controlling Distinct Activity States in a Model Behavior Circuit
Kevin Collins, Yale University
Host: Lemmon/Dallman

February 17

The Yin and Yang of stress and affect – Interactions between the CRF and oxytocin systems
Joanne Dabrowska, Emory University
Host: Lemmon/Dallman

February 19

A Fructose Receptor Functions As A Nutrient Sensor In The Drosophila Brain
Tetsuya Miyamoto, Texas A&M
Host: Lemmon/Dallman

February 24

Title TBA
Joan Strassmann, Washington University, St. Louis (DVP)
Host: Wilson

March 3

Title TBA
David Queller, Washington University, St. Louis (DVP)
Host: Wilson

March 10

No Seminar, Spring Break

March 17

Title TBA
Jeffrey Peters, Wright State University
Host: McCracken

March 19

Title TBA
Barbara Schaal, Washington University, St. Louis
Host: SEEDS/Tosney

March 27

Title TBA

March 31

Title TBA
Martin Cohen, University of Florida
Host: Skromne

April 7

Title TBA

April 14

Title TBA
Kathleen Sealey, Biology
Host: Tosney

April 21

Title TBA
Barry Chernoff, Wesleyan University
Host: Browne/Abess Center for Ecosystem Science & Policy