Fall 2021 Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are Mondays in room 166 Cox at 12:20pm

Aug 23

Defaunation on Planet Earth: Erosion of Evolutionary and Ecological Processes Mediated by Frugivores

Maruo Galetti, University of Miami

Host: Wikramanayake

Aug 30

Activation of the Respiratory System in Flies

James Baker, University of Miami

Host: Wikramanayake

Sept 13

Data-driven Approaches to Informing Conservation Decisions

Chris Searcy, University of Miami

Host: Wikramanayake

Sept 20

Understanding the Ecology of Microbiome-plant Interactions from Genes to Communities

Michelle Afkhami, University of Miami

Host: Wikramanayake

Sept 27

A Stable Antimicrobial Peptide with Dual Functions of Treating and Preventing Citrus Huanglongbing

Hailing Jin, University of California – Riverside

Host: Igwe/Afkhami

Oct 4

A Systems Biology Analysis of Human Genomes Identifies Key Pathways Conferring Risk of Spina Bifida

Vanessa Aguiar-Pullido, University of Miami

Host: Wutchy

Oct 11

C. elegans Processes Sensory Information to Choose Between Freeloading and Self-Defense

Javier Apfield, Northeastern University

Host: Collins

Oct 18

The Brain in the Gut: Enteric Nervous System Development and Function in Zebrafish

Julia Gans, University of Michigan

Host: Dallman

Oct 25

Conceptual and Applied Approaches to Marine Invasions: Indo-Pacific Lionfish as a Model System

Nicola Smith, University of British Columbia

Host: Sealey

Nov 1

Creating a Cellular Maze: Identifying Molecular and Mechanical Forces the Determine Cell Shape

Alvaro Sagasti, University of California – Los Angeles

Host: Rieger

Nov 15

Coral Microbial Ecology: From Snorkeling to Submersion

Christina Kellog, USGS

Host: Silveira

Nov 29

Tree Story: What We Can Learn About Humans, Climate, and Forest History from the Rings in Trees

Valerie Trouet, University of Arizona

Host: Felley

Dec 6

Christina Voolstra, University of Konstanz

Host: Silveira