Fall 2014 Seminar Schedule

August 25


Sept 1

No seminar - Labor Day

Sept 8

Pattern Emergence and Organization in Development
Isaac Skromne, University of Miami
Host: Wikramanayake

Sept 15

Title TBA
Noah Whiteman, University of Arizona
Host: Duncan/A. Wilson

Sept 22

Renewable Resources: Adult Neurogenesis and Regeneration in the Zebrafish CNS
Richard Dorsky, University of Utah
Host: Skromne

Sept 29

The Evolution of Regeneration: Insights from a New Acoel Model Species
Mansi Srivastava, MIT
Host: Wikramanayake

Oct 6

Sexual selection and speciation in fairywrens
Daniel T. Baldassarre, Univeristy of Miami

Oct 13

Molecular mechanisms of maternal care in the mouth-brooding cichlid
Suzy C. P. Renn, Reed College
Host: Mora-Kepfer (Uy)

Oct 20

Acoustic ecology of predator-prey interactions: Alarm calling, distant early warning systems, and communication networks
Erick Greene, University of Montana
Host: Uy

Oct 27

On the Evolution of Hemoglobin in Hummingbirds
Christopher Witt, University of New Mexico
Host: McCracken

Nov 3

Title TBA
William Jeffery, University of Maryland
Host: Wikramanayake

Nov 10

Title TBA
Brian Barnes, Institute of Arctic Biology
Host: McCracken

Nov 17

Title TBA
Nat Scholz, NOAA NW Fisheries Science Center
Host: Dallman

Nov 24

No seminar - Thanksgiving/Fall Break

Dec 1

The Reproductive and Developmental Plasticity of Planarians
Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado, HHMI Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Host: Wikramanayake

Dec 8

Title TBA
Suzanne McGaugh, University of Minnesota
Host: Graham/McCracken