Spring 2018 Seminar Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are Mondays in room 166 Cox at 12:20pm

Jan 17

Understanding the crosstalk between axons and skin to promote tissue repair and regeneration 
Sandra Rieger, MDI Biological Laboratory
Host: Wikramanayake

Jan 22

Migrating neurons in brain development and evolution
Kimberly MacArthur
Cornell University
Host: Wikramanayake

Jan 24

Zebrafish Skin: A new system for studying nerve remodeling and repair
Jeffrey Rasmussen, UCLA
Host: Wikramanayake

Jan 29

The molecular basis of insect visual system development and evolution
Michael Perry, New York University
Host: Wikramanayake

Feb 5

Leaf volatile emissions structure tree community assembly and mediate climate feedbacks in tropical forests
Tyeen Taylor, University of Miami
Host: Feeley

Feb 12

Living Rivers: Global Perspective on Connectivity, Collaboration, and Conservation
Elizabeth Anderson, Florida International University
Host: C. Searcy

Feb 19

Hydrological disturbance diminishes predator control in a large wetland
Nathan Dorn, Florida Atlantic University
Host: C. Searcy

Feb 26

Selection on pigmentation genes lead to rapid phenotypic evolution in a finch radiation
Leonardo Campagna,  Cornell University
Host: McCracken

Mar 5

Convergent Interactions and the Lack of Convergence Among Genome Architectures of Closely Related Symbiotic Fungi
Annie Pringle, University of Wisconsin
Host: Afkhami

Mar 12


MAR 20 (Tues) at 3:30PM

Modeling the evolutionary origins and dynamics of social complexity in humans and non-human animals
Sergey Gavrilets, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Host: Wikramanayake

Mar 26

Coordinated evolution of diet and cognition during human origins
Greg Wray, Duke University
Distinguished Visiting Professor

Apr 2

Evolution of developmental mechanisms and life history in sea urchins
Greg Wray, Duke University
Distinguished Visiting Professor

Apr 9

Dynamic microbial landscapes and their consequences
Kabir Peay, Stanford University
Host: Afkhami

Apr 16

Host-mocrobiota interactions in the intestine – lessons from the zebrafish
John Rawls, Duke University
Host: Dallman

Apr 23

Some Like It Hot: How neurons  remain functional when temperature changes
Wolfgang Stein, Illinois State University
Host: F. Uy