Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are in room 166 Cox at 12:20pm

January 12

Genomic and functional aspects of plant-microbe symbiosis
Hui-Ling Liao, Duke University
Host: Horvitz

January 14

How land use change and management affect nutrient cycles in (agro)ecosystems
Ilya Gelfand, Michigan State University
Host: Sternberg

January 21

Biotic interactions as determinants of range limits
Michelle Afkhami, University of Toronto
Host: Horvitz

January 26

Gill arch serial homology and the origin of the jawed vertebrate body plan
Andrew Gillis, University of Cambridge
Host: Uy

January 28

From crusts to cows: Ecological responses to global change
Tamara Jane Zelikova, University of Wyoming
Host: Sternberg

February 2

Piwi-piRNA pathway function in the stem cells of “immortal” Hydra
Celina Juliano, Yale University
Host: Uy

February 4

The origin of species told from the wings of a butterfly
Brian Counterman, Mississippi State University

February 9 (12:20pm)

Global change feedbacks to ecosystem carbon and nitrogen cycling
Kate Buckeridge, University of Kansas
Host: Sternberg

February 9 (4:00pm)

Brian Barnes, Institute of Arctic Biology
Host: McCracken

February 11

With a Little Help From My Friends: Mycorrhizal Associations in Plant Potassium Nutrition
Kevin Garcia, University of Wisconsin
Host: Horvitz

February 16

The evolution of beauty: From warblers to Warhol
Rick Prum, Yale University
Host: Distinguished Visiting Professor

February 23

No seminar - DVP visit

March 2

Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in Models, Bottles, and Nature
Nelson Hairston, Cornell University
Host: Searcy

March 4

  All the small things: Exploration of the ecological and evolutionary underpinnings describing host-microbe interactions
Megan Rua, University of Mississippi
Host: Sternberg

March 9

No seminar - Spring Break

March 16

Passion, pollen and poison: innovation and diversification in Heliconius and its interaction network
Larry Gilbert, University of Texas at Austin
Host: McElderry/Horvitz

March 23

 Can forests and wetlands sequester enough Carbon to play a signficant role in reducing atmospheric CO2 buildup? The science bheind the claims
Daniel Botkin, University of Miami
Host: DeAngelis

March 30

No seminar

April 6

 No Seminar

April 13

The Case for Simple Circuits: from Neuronal Development to Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Brock Grill, The Scripps Research Institute
Host: Collins

April 20

B. Kirkpatrick, University of Miami, CSC
Host: Wikramanayake

April 30

Jessica Liberles, Florida International University
Host: Browne