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‌UGalapagos Biology is a unique program that couples small, intensive courses with a deep immersion in a foreign culture.  It surpasses programs offered by others that are usually confined to cruise ships with only episodic contact with island flora, fauna and people.  In UGalapagos Biology, you live with families and engage in community service activities defined by the community. The UGalapagos Biology program in the Spring semester is unique from other Galapagos programs in incorporating a 5-day trip into the heart of the Amazon and four weeks in the highlands of Ecuador, providing students the opportunity to compare the flora, fauna and cultures of  continents and islands. Further, our partnership with a local university allows for direct research experiences with faculty who do research in Galapagos.

For more information, contact Kathleen Sealey, Director of the UGalapagos Biology program, or following the link below:

UGalapagos Website


There are many opportunities for students to participate in Study Abroad programs for the summer, spring and fall semesters:

University of Miami Study Abroad Site