Peter Luykx

Genetics and Evolution website:

  • A.B., Harvard, 1959
  • Ph.D., University of California (Berkeley), 1964
  • University of Minnesota, Zoology Department, 1964-1967
  • University of Miami, Biology Department, 1967-present.

Research interests:

human genetics, molecular biology, cytogenetics

Selected Publications:

Nalepa CA, Shimada K, Maekawa K, Luykx P., 2017. Distribution of Karyotypes of the Cryptocercus punctulatus Species Complex (Blattodea: Cryptocercidae) in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Journal of Insect Science 17(3):1-11.

Radwan, A.,, Younis, A., Luykx, P., and Khuri, S., 2008. Prediction and analysis of nucleosome exclusion regions in the human genome. BMC Genomics 9:186 (22 Apr 2008).

Luykx, P., Bajic, I. V., and Khuri, S., 2006. NXSensor web tool for evaluating DNA for nucleosome exclusion sequences and accessibility to binding factors. Nucleic Acids Research 34 (Web Server issue): W560-W565.

Nalepa, C. A., Luykx, P., Klass, K.-D., and Dietz, L. L., 2002. Distribution of karyotypes of the Cryptocercus punctulatus species complex (Dictyoptera: Cryptocercidae) in the southern Appalachians: relation to habitat and history. Ann. Entomol. Soc. Amer. 95:276-287.

Luykx, P., 2000. Contractile vacuoles. Ch. 3 (pp. 43-70) in Robinson, D. G. and Rogers, J. C., eds., VACUOLAR COMPARTMENTS, Annual Plant Reviews, Sheffield Academic Press, Sheffield, England [book chapter]

Luykx, P., Hoppenrath, M. and Robinson, D. G., 1997. Osmoregulatory mutants that affect the function of the contractile vacuole in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Protoplasma 200:99-111.

Luykx, P., 1993. Turnover in termite colonies: a genetic study of Incisitermes schwarzi headed by replacement reproductives. Insectes Sociaux 40:191-205.

Luykx, P., 1991. Behaviour of egg and sperm centrioles in fertilized eggs of Urechis caupo. Cytobios 66:7-19.

Luykx, P., 1990. A cytogenetic survey of twenty-five species of lower termites from Australia. Genome 33:80-88.